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Carly Gendell made her Broadway debut at age 11 in the Original Broadway Cast of “School of Rock: The Musical” where she originated the role of "Marcy." She caught the acting bug from her older sister, Haley, after watching her perform in numerous shows in their hometown of Amesbury, Massachusetts. Carly went to the Open Call for School of Rock in the middle of a snow storm with her father, and the rest is history. Carly performed over four hundred times in the span of one year, and made friendships she will never forget. You can hear her on the Original Broadway Cast recording. 


Carly then played the leading role in “Annie: The Musical” at Flat Rock Playhouse, the State Theatre of North Carolina, and The Ordway Center of Performing Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota. Carly LOVES Annie because of their similar personalities - optimistic, energetic, and spunky! She recently played the role of "Alison" in "A Walk on the Moon" at George Street Playhouse. Carly loves Alison because of her smarts and brutal honesty.


Carly's passion is working on new theatre projects. Past readings and showcases include “A Walk On the Moon” (Alison), “Fly More than You Fall” (Olivia), “Corner of Bitter and Sweet” (Carol), and “The Perfect Fit” (Elizabeth). Her favorite TV/Commercial Voiceover work includes “Jessica Jones” (Episode 310), “My Little Pony” (Principal Celestia Class Playset), and “Wordtastic” (Sarah).


Carly currently attends the Professional Performing Arts School, where she learns both academic and theatrical arts skills. In her free time, Carly likes to snuggle with her rescue dog, Minnie, shop at unique boutiques in New York City, and have picnics with her friends. She is an Ariana Grande super-fan, and a Libra sun, Cancer moon, Gemini rising.

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